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Diabetes & Foot Care – What You Need To Know

The main foot complication found with diabetes is sensory neuropathy. Affecting the nerves that carry messages relating to temperature, pain and touch from the body to the brain, Foot Attacks A foot attack is when a foot ulcer occurs as a result of small blisters or cuts which go unnoticed as a result of sensory … Continued

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What is Diabetes?

  There are more than 3.5 million people diagnosed with diabetes across the UK, with an estimated half a million-people living with the condition yet undiagnosed, so why is it still so misunderstood?   Prevalent in two major forms, type 1 and type 2, diabetes is a lifelong medical condition affecting the production of insulin … Continued

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Diabetic Socks – Give Your Feet the Care they Deserve

Diabetic socks are tailor made to provide extra care to the vulnerable feet of diabetics. Constructed from high-quality materials and incorporating seamless construction and non-restrictive elastic, diabetic socks play an important part in the health of your feet. Chronic painful neuropathy affects around a quarter of people with diabetes. Reducing the sensation and making it … Continued

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Which Insoles for Me? An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Insoles

Insoles are a fantastic tool for helping provide cushioning and support for your footwear. But with so many options available, what should you look for when buying insoles? Our website includes a number of handy filters, so you can tailor your selection to suit your need. To help you choose, this basic guide will help … Continued

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Why Urea Is So Good For Moisturising

It’s a vital ingredient in many of our skincare products, but do you know what it does? Here we explain the benefits of Urea, what it can be used for and when to use it. A chemical used in everything from agriculture to teeth whitening, Urea has been listed as one of the World Health … Continued

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5 Ways to Keep your Feet Feeling Warm this Winter

Winter is coming! With the colder months approaching it’s about time to break out the warm coats and find a matching pair of gloves. Our feet often get neglected during the winter months, hidden away behind several layers they often fail to get the attention they deserve. Being close to the ground the feet are … Continued

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Five Simple Foot Exercises to Try at Home

Every part of the body needs exercise to stay in shape, and the feet are no exception. They’re one of the most important parts of the body, the foundation of our bodies without which we couldn’t run, walk or stand, yet they are often overlooked in our daily workout routines. These simple exercises increase strength … Continued

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