Diabetic Socks – Give Your Feet the Care they Deserve

Diabetic socks are tailor made to provide extra care to the vulnerable feet of diabetics. Constructed from high-quality materials and incorporating seamless construction and non-restrictive elastic, diabetic socks play an important part in the health of your feet.

Chronic painful neuropathy affects around a quarter of people with diabetes. Reducing the sensation and making it harder to detect small injuries to the feet which can develop into foot ulcers. Combined with poor circulation, which delays the healing process, untreated foot ulcers can lead to infections and in some extreme situations can even lead to amputations.

To help you in your search for your perfect diabetic socks, our top 5 features to look for are:

      1. Non-Restrictive Elastic – Circulation problems in the feet are common in diabetics. Tight, uncomfortable elastic around the ankles can leave marks and aggravate poor circulation, which can prevent foot injuries from healing properly.  Non-restrictive elastics are designed to stay up whilst being a looser more comfortable fit.68288f1f-59e3-43a9-b3c9-4a90a7a6c635HJ Hall Diabetic Socks feature a non-restrictive loose knit mesh to prevent restriction of blood flow to sensitive feet.

      2. Seamless/ Low seam toes – The friction caused by seams around the toe area in standard socks can cause blisters and other injuries. Seam-Free or low seam socks are great for diabetics by offering a smoother, less irritating fit.

      3. Additional Padding – Additional padding provides comfort and protection to the sole of the foot, preventing injuries. Diabetic cushioned socks will typically have additional padding around the arch, forefoot and heel. Silipos diabetic socks include a full heel to toe gel padding for a full foot comfort experience.Silipos Diabetic gel sockSilipos Diabetic Gel Socks include a padded gel sole to prevent friction & injury and keep your feet comfortable.

      4. Non-abrasive Materials – Constructed from natural, non-abrasive, soft materials such as cotton or merino wool, diabetic socks prevent the formation of blisters and calluses and offer additional comfort.

      5. Bamboo Fibre – Some diabetic socks make use of bamboo fibre padding which wicks away moisture and sweat, keeping your feet dry. Dry feet create less friction, are less susceptible to infection, heal faster and are more comfortable throughout the day.Dr Comfort bamboo Socks





Dr Comfort Socks are constructed with bamboo fibre which keeps your feet dry and healthy.






At Footcare UK we stock a range of diabetic socks from manufacturers such as  HJ Hall, Dr Comfort, Silipos, and Carnation

Remember prevention is better than the cure. Start looking after your feet today and help yourself in avoiding potentially serious complications in the future.


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