Stretch-2-Fit Hypoallergenic Gloves – Box of 200

1 Box of x200 Gloves

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Stretch-2-Fit Hypoallergenic Glove

Revolutionary Hypoallergenic Hospital Gloves

Keep safe, keep well and keep harmful bacteria at bay with the world's first truly hypoallergenic glove. Made with a pioneering new material that eliminates allergic reactions, the innovative Stretch-2-Fit™ gloves offer a new kind of near-skin feel, which is essential for use in any medical practice. Stretch-2-Fit™ is also EN Certified by the NHS's own test laboratories.

Fed up of skin irritation caused by medical examination gloves? These are the perfect gloves for you. As no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, the Stretch-2-Fit™ gloves have no residual chemicals, leaving your hands free of irritation and soreness.

When it comes to design, the Stretch-2-Fit™ gloves are a hard product to beat. Thanks to their unique design, the user-friendly gloves mould around the hand for a better fit and less hand perspiration. The gloves also stretch to the end of each finger, providing a latex feel and advanced dexterity for precisely picking up and holding small objects.

The Stretch-2-Fit™ gloves have been approved by the NHS to EN455, parts 1 2 3 &4. On leakage tests it has passed with a 100% success rate; UK sold vinyl gloves provide 40 - 15 pinholes per 1,000.

  • Revolutionary design with no allergic reaction
  • Improved fit for less hand sweat
  • No residual chemicals for no skin irritation
  • 100% leak-proof barrier protection
  • Stretch to the contours of the fingertips for enhanced grip
  • Cuffs do not collapse and drop when the hand is lowered