Spenco Ironman Compression Socks 2.5-5 UK

Fast Compression for Aggressive Training

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Spenco Ironman Compression Socks Technical compression socks for aggressive training

  • Fast compression
  • Prevents blisters
  • Heel and toe area cushioned
  • Elastic supports
  • Flat toe seam
  • Left & Right ergonomic design

Microlon is an exclusive dope dyed Microfiber polyamide yarn that means that the diameter of the single filament is 10 micron about lower than cotton, silk or cashmere, thus it is a very thin fibre. The main features of polyamide microfibers are: Super soft touch, excellent comfort, High elasticity, Easy care, long lasting life.

Revolutionary nanoglide is patented, proprietary technology which incorporates particles PTFE which are permanently bonded to the fibre in production. These particles are a homogenous feature of the fibre. Nanoglide provides you with reduced friction comfort, minimising abrasive skin irritations caused by traditional fibres. Evaporative cooling speaks to how nanoglide rapidly moves perspiration over an enormous surface area. Nanoglide combines multiple benefits and features into one technology, providing both comfort and technology providing both comfort and protection in a wide variety of challenges. Nanoglide comfort never washes out, wears away or fades.

Adding Lycra allows to socks to acquire superior staying power and ultimate stretch. This assures superior wear, comfort, excellent size stability and uniform appearance. Socks with Lycra retain their size and shape after repeated wear and laundering.

Size Guide

Size Guide
 Size Small Medium Large X Large
 EU 35 - 38 39 - 42 43 - 46 47 - 48
 UK 2.5 - 5 5.5 - 8 8.5 - 12 12.5 - 14.5



98% Polyamide

2% Elastane