Sorbothane Cush N’ Step

Add Comfort to Leisure & Everyday Footwear

£6.95 inc VAT



Sorbothane Cush‘N’Step Insoles

Sorbothane Cush’N’Step insoles revitalise and add comfort to all types of leisure and everyday footwear including running shoes, walking boots and workwear.

  • Composed of polyurethane foam with a breathable outer fabric, keeping the foot dry and fresh.
  • Use in place of existing insoles to increase cushioning and comfort.
  • Low friction fabric prevents blistering.
  • Hard wearing and durable.
  • Fits almost any shoe.


Cush’N’Steps will ease tired and achy feet, providing the ultimate cushioning to the foot and instilling a new lease of life into your shoes and boots.



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