Slimflex Simple medium Density 3/4 Orthotic Support Insoles

Medium Density 3/4 Length Insole

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Slimflex Simple 3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles (Black)
Medium Density

Highly versatile 3/4 Medium density (50 shore) EVA insoles.

Slimflex Simple Full Length insoles are a cost-effective, fully customisable foot orthotic. Ideal for everyday use and sports activities.


  • Metatarsal raise - Supports the metatarsal area and redistributes weight away from the ball of the foot.
  • Deep heel cup - Supporting the heel reduces pressure by redistributing the body's weight over a greater surface area on the sole of the foot, while stabilising the foot to provide greater control and support
  • Medial flange - Increases control of the medial aspect of the rearfoot. Providing correction, stabilisation and gait Training with increased arch support.
  • Medial arch support and lateral control - Improves misalignment of the foot.
  • Heel cup gives control to the rear foot and aids in reducing over-pronation.

Due to the firm design of this insole it is NOT recommended for people diagnosed with Diabetes

Available in Adults and Childrens sizes.




The insoles can be worn alone to provide general control or can be adapted by a clinician into a semi-bespoke device.

Due to the level of customisation that is achievable with the Slimflex Simple 3/4 Length, the treatment options with this device are endless.

Customisation options: Heat mouldable and grindable, the Slimflex Simple allows for quick modification and customisation by a clinician or podiatrist.