Slimflex Green Original Orthotic Insoles

Full Length Insole used by NHS

£8.99 inc VAT



Slimflex Full Length Orthotic Insoles

(Original Green as provided by the NHS)


Designed for everyday wear, the Slimflex Original Green Orthotic Insoles provide a cost effective solution for both arch support and pronation issues. 

Arch support is needed most especially for those who have fallen arches or flat feet. A raised arch in the insole should support the mid-area of the foot and prevent some pain when walking.

Over-pronation (foot rolling in) or over-supination (foot rolling out) is a very common issue can also lead to heel, lower back and knee pain. A deep heel cup gives greater control and stability when walking which can prevent these issues.


Now available in XXL sizes (up to 15 UK / 51 EU).

  • Made from high quality EVA medium density material.
  • Thin design, allowing use in some tighter fitting shoes.
  • Increased support around the arch and heel areas.
  • Deep contoured heel cup gives stablity to the heel and reduces pronation.
  • The perforated under-layer allows for air circulation to pass throughout the material when placed in the shoe.
  • Alone, it’s contoured design helps prevent pronation or can also be used with wedges and components to create a custom device if required.

Due to the firmness of this insole it is NOT recommended for people diagnosed with Diabetes



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