Pure Gel Flexible Gel High Heel Inserts

Mid & Rear Foot Cushion Layers for High Heels

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Gelx Pure Gel Flexible ¾ Length Dress Shoe Insoles Slim Low Profile Gel Inserts - 3/4 Length - 1 Pair

Fits securely in heels or dress shoes.


Medical grade cushioning absorbs shock and reduces pressure/friction to the foot.
Gives an extra layer of cushioning both under the heel and ball of the foot.
Ideal for high heels and thin soled footwear, which don’t normally give much impact protection.
The Gels & Felts> are transparent and very thin making them more discreet to wear.
Can also be used in other tight footwear such as golf shoes or football boots. 


  • Transparent & clear.
  • Absorbs pressure and friction.
  • Prevents calluses.
  • Durable and stretchable - resists tearing from repeated use.
  • Forefoot and heel cushioned areas are lightly grippped to keep feet from sliding inside the shoe.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Adhesive sticky backed fits securely in heels or dress shoes.



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Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

Peel off transparent backing and insert into shoes. Test for comfort.

Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Instructions

Once taken off, wash them in water to remove dirt and allow to dry. They will retain their stickiness for many uses.