Natch Relax Lifestyle Insoles

Moulds to the Shape of your Feet

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Lifestle Range - Luxuriously Moulded to Your Feet

On your marks, get set, Natch! Introducing you to the world-renowned product care brand specifically made for top performance in sports. Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, Natch’s premium product range helps you to perform better. Anywhere, any time, in any condition. 

Relax is an incredibly soft, lightweight and flexible insole designed for any type of sports or leisure shoes. Thanks to a user-friendly design, these shoe inserts immediately mould around the natural contours of your feet and toes for an incredibly comfortable fit. If that wasn’t enough, they also feature a low profile metatarsal raise which can help to relieve the symptoms of Morton's neuroma and plantar fasciitis. 

Designed for maximum comfort, the Relax insoles feature the renowned SABS (Shock Absorption Breathability Support) technology. This exceptionally breathable foam will gently cushion your feet and keep them feeling comfortable and fresh. At the same time, the shock absorption technology will work to reduce impact shocks as you exercise - the perfect balance for ambitious athletes. 

  • Lightweight and flexible which fits any type of footwear
  • Moulds around the contours of your feet for a super comfortable fit
  • Toe prints which improve grip and control
  • Low profile metatarsal raise which helps the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma and ball of the foot pain.
  • SABS (Shock Absorption Breathability Support) technology reduces impact shocks as your feet hit the ground. 
  • Breathable foam helps to reduce foot perspiration for enhanced freshness



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