Leukopor Paper Dressing Tape

Breathable, Gentle & Long-Lasting Fixation

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Leukopor® Dressing Tape
Dressing tape for breathable, gentle fixation

Leukopor® is a versatile paper tape for fixing wound dressings in place. It is breathable and designed for use with a dressing pad and/or compress such as Leukoplast® Cuticell®. It is suitable for patients with sensitive skin and for long-term dressing use. It will hold wound dressings in place and can also secure bandages.

  • Paper-thin tape for gentle fixation
  • Breathable, reducing risk of skin maceration
  •  Special surface treatment repels dirt and moisture
  • Can be torn by hand if necessary
  • Good initial and long-lasting adhesion
  • Minimal to no pain on removal
  • Latex free

Size options

1pc 2.5cm x 5m



Cut or tear to the required length and use to secure bandages and dressings in place.