Leukoplast Leukosan Strips

Pain-Free Wound Closure – Ideal for Minor Injuries

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Leukoplast® Leukosan® Wound Closure Strips
Pain-free wound closure strips

Leukoplast® Leukosan® Wound Closer Strips provide pain-free wound closure for use on their own or with an absorbent dressing. They can provide protection and wound coverage for up to seven days depending on the status of the wound and can be used on sensitive to normal skin.

  • Pain-free wound closure
  • Allows the wound to heal without harming the surrounding skin
  • Good cosmetic results
  • Skin-friendly
  •  Suitable for thin, fragile or sensitive skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Latex-free
  • Suitable for minor injuries such as cuts and lacerations

9pcs 2 sizes



Bend one sheet at the perforation and remove the end tab. Apply the first strip by bringing it to the wound edge and pressing it firmly in place. Bring the wound edges closer together using your fingers and put the remaining strip in place. Repeat until the wound is fully closed.