Leukoplast Leukomed T Plus Waterproof Dressings

Long-Lasting Adhesion – Comfortable & Secure Protection

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Leukoplast® Leukomed® T Plus Waterproof Dressings
Soft waterproof film for minor to medium wounds

Leukoplast® Leukomed® T Plus Waterproof wound dressings provide comfortable and long-lasting adhesion. You can wear each dressing for up to seven days before you need to change it. Each dressing is designed for comfort and protects against water and contaminants including infection. The dressings are suitable for normal to sensitive skin.

  • Soft, waterproof film
  • Secure fit with reliable initial and long-lasting adhesion
  • Comfortable, absorbent wound dressing
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Protects against water and contaminants such as bacteria and viruses
  • Unique, red strip release mechanism allowing quick, simple, one-handed application
  • Latex-free

5pcs 5cm x 7.2cm

5pcs 8cm x 10cm



Remove the dressing from the pouch. Hold the wound dressing by the red strip and remove the first part of the release paper. Next, apply the dressing carefully but firmly on top of the wound and remove the second part of the release paper. Smooth the film securely to the skin, taking care around the edges. Next remove the application layer using the red handling strip and pull it carefully backwards, parallel to the skin. Be sure not to pull upwards.