Leukoplast Elastomull Elastic Bandage

Soft Fixation Bandage Secures Wound Dressings – Ideal for Joints

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Leukoplast® Elastomull® Elastic Bandage
Soft elastic fixation bandage

Leukoplast® Elastomull® Elastic Bandage is a highly elastic fixation for holding wound dressings in place, especially on flexible parts of the body such as joints. It needs to be used with a dressing pad such as Leukoplast Cutisoft soft compress and a fixation tape e.g. Leukoplast or Leukopor.

  • Highly elastic fixation bandage
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  •  Light and breathable
  • Elasticity maintains even after prolonged wear

Size options

2pcs 8cm x 4cm



Apply the bandage to the wound, being sure to use a small number of turns for reliable coverage. Individual turns need to overlap by just one third.