Leukoplast Dressing Tape 9.2m

Air Permeable – Tension Resistant – High Adhesion

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Leukoplast®  - The classic dressing tape for normal skin - 9.2 Meter Length

Available Widths & Value Saving Multi-Packs:

  • 1.25cm: x1, x4, x24 Rolls
  • 2.5cm:  x1, x2, x12 Rolls
  • 5cm: x1, x2, x6 Rolls

Recommended when particularly secure fixation is required.

Leukoplast® consists of a high quality viscose backing coated with a zinc oxide caoutchouc adhesive. Due to the porous coating of the adhesive Leukoplast® is permeable to air thus reducing the risk of macerations. The material is extremely resistant to tension. Leukoplast® contains natural rubber latex which can cause allergies.


  • Zinc oxide adhesive ensures exceptional high initial and permanent adhesion
  • The high quality viscose backing material is extremely resistant to tension making the tape durable
  • Special surface treatment repels dirt and moisture
  • Breathable, reducing the risk of skin maceration


Main uses

  • Fixation of wound dressings on normal skin
  • Supporting injuries and immobilising joints
  • Securing of tubes, felts, dressings, catheters, probes and cannulae



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