Leukoplast Cuticell Silicone Contact Layer

Comfortable, Secure Wound Covering – Lasting up to 14 days

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Leukoplast® Cuticell® Contact Silicone Contact Layer
Comfortable silicone wound contact layer

Leukoplast® Cuticell® is a comfortable transparent wound contact layer which adheres to the surrounding skin and not the wound itself. Once applied it can remain in place for up to 14 days, however you may need to change the required secondary dressing more frequently. The Leukoplast® Cuticell® Contact Layer should be used with an appropriate secondary absorbent dressing (e.g. Leukoplast Cutisoft soft compress) with a fixation tape (e.g. Leukoplast or Leukopor) or an absorbent dressing (e.g. Leukoplast Leukomed absorbent plus).

  • Gentle and highly comfortable transparent silicone wound contact layer
  • Adheres to the surrounding skin not the moist wound bed
  • Perforations allow wound fluid to be absorbed by your chosen secondary dressing
  • Adhesive only on the wound contact side, allowing for easy pain-free secondary dressing changes
  • Promotes undisturbed wound healing
  • Latex free
  • Easy to apply

5pcs 5cm x 7.5cm



Remove the backing papers from the adhering face of the dressing and with the adhesive face down, apply the dressing, making sure to overlap the wound margin by 2cm. Next. remove the second protective film from the dressing surface and smooth gently with your hand. Cover with a sterile absorbent pad