Leukoplast Classic Dressing Fixation Tape

High Adhesive Medical Tape To Fix Wound Dressings in Place

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Leukoplast® Dressing Fixation Tape

Classic fixation tape

Leukoplast® is the original fixation tape designed to keep dressings in place while wounds heal. Sold in a roll so it can be easily cut to size, Leukoplast® is breathable and minimises the risk of skin laceration when used. It can also be used for securing tubes, catheters and cannulae in place.

  • Suitable for normal skin
  • High initial and long-lasting adhesion
  • Water-repellent
  • Easily torn by hand
  • Viscose backing material is resistant to tension for durable fixation.

Size options

1 x roll of 1.25cm x 5m 

1 x roll of 2.5cm x 5m



Tear by hand or cut with scissors to desired length before securing in place over your chosen dressing.