Ironman PWR Cushioning Insoles

Lightweight High-Performance Gel – Trim to Fit Sizing

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Lightweight High-Performance Gel
Trim to Fit Sizing

Insoles endorsed by the official Ironman brand have been expertly designed to meet the challenging demands of heavy-duty sports and running. 

Ideal for both everyday wear and high impact sports, the combination of gel compounds in these impressive full-length replacement insoles work together to offer lightweight comfortable support in a high performing and durable gel-based insole.

With its low profile and contoured shape, the PWR Gel Cushioning Insoles slip easily into formal shoes or athletic trainers. Its versatility makes it ideal for both all day everyday comfort and also for injury prevention and recovery when pushing your body and feet to the extreme.

The PWR Gel material has been formulated with less than 11% compression set. What this means for you? It provides a long-lasting shoe insole that springs back to its original shape during every step you take. The impressive durability of these inner soles makes them a winning choice for consistent use or even the heavy-duty demands of a triathlon or for the wear and tear of everyday life. 

While the 360° HEEL CUP provides excellent impact protection upon heel strike, the cushioning layer offers support to the entire foot. Around the arches of the foot, the PWR Bridge uses a series of support structures to biomechanically align the heel and stabilise the foot throughout the heel-to-toe gait cycle, providing you a feeling of confident support with each step that you take.

  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • PWR Gel absorbs impact shock and springs back to shape
  • 360° HEEL CUP supports and cushions the entire heel
  • Plantar Bridge technology supports & stabilises the foot from the heel to toe
  • Heel strike & forefoot cushioning with non-slip traction control 
  • Contoured shape for low to medium arches

Insole Care

Caring for your Insoles

If this is your first pair of Revitalign Ironman Insoles, please allow 2 -3 days for break-in.

Recommended to replace insole every 12 months or 600 miles.

Hand Wash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse well and always air dry. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY. 


The Trim to Fit version of the IRONMAN PWR Cushioning Insole is easily trimmable for a close fit to the shape of your shoe. Remove existing insole with care as some brands use glue. If necessary, use the original insole as a guide to trace and trim for a flawless finish.