Hexasole Adjustable Insole

Easily Adjusted to Reduce Pressure on the Sole

£9.40 inc VAT




An easy to adjust insole, customisable to the user's individual feet and foot problems, the Hexasole features detachable hexagonal pegs which can be removed around the area of discomfort, sores or sensitivity to offload pressure and pain, and improve comfort. 

  • Target areas of pain and pressure with removable hexagonal pegs.
  • Ideal for treatment of corns, calluses and lesions.
  • Cushions vulnerable areas of the foot.
  • The Hexasole can be trimmed down to fit any shoe and is available in multiple thicknesses.

Size Guide

 UK SizeEU Size
M5.5 -738 - 40
L7.5 - 940
XL9.5 - 11 43 - 46



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