Gelx All Gel Metatarsal Pad with Loop

Forefoot Cushioning – Mineral Oil Release

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Gelx All Gel Metatarsal Pad – Looped

Each pack contains 1 Gel Forefoot Pad
Anatomically shaped for left or right foot
Available in 2 sizes

Protection, comfort and relief for the entire forefoot, especially under the metatarsal heads

  • Absorbs shock and reduces pressure and friction
  • Prevents calluses
  • Ideal for fat pad atrophy, Metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), mortons neuroma and subluxed metatarsal heads
  • Durable and stretchable
  • The gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil which softens and moisturises skin
  • Will not flatten out like foam or felt products
  • Washable and reusable


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Gelx Technology takes the best of nature and infuses botanicals and vitamins right into their gel formulas to provide the healing advantage and improve the positive effects of natural healing on the overall well-being.

Size Guide



 Pad Length  Pad Width
 Small  7cm  5cm
 Large  8.5cm  6cm



(The attached loop stretches easily to place over the second or third toe)

About M-2 Gel


M2-Gel Composition:

Next generation, highly elastic and conforming advanced thermoplastic gel polymer. M2-Gel is enriched with medical grade mineral oil and vitamins. M2-gel protects, cushions and reduces shear abrasion forces to the area of the body where the gel is applied. Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, odourless, washable and reusable.

 Vitamin E


Binds free radicals and prevents their destructive action in lipids, cells and cell membranes. Vitamin E promotes the biological stability of the cells and smoothes and strengthens the skin. It also possesses moisturising properties.

 USP Mineral Oil


 An occlusive ingredient that forms a barrier on the epidermis, preventing water from being lost.  It acts as a moisturiser that is very efficacious in wound healing.

 Aloe Vera

Soothes damaged, irritated skin. It s highly moisturising and helps the regenerative process in damaged skin (cuts and wounds).


Do not place product on open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your healthcare professional. To prevent maceration (excessive softening / breaking down of the skin) do not wear for more than 8 hours in every 24.



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