Disposable Vinyl Latex Free Powder-Free Gloves – Box of 100

Conveniently Thin

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Disposable Vinyl Latex Free Powder-Free Gloves

The vinyl glove is conveniently thin and disposable. The highly versatile gloves can be used in almost any situation, from grocery shopping to professionals and also provide broad skin barrier protection with the outbreak of COVID-19 public health emergency.

They are very thinly designed and comfortable to wear. They should also help to retain sensitivity to touch. They are also made from powder-free, latex-free material which helps health care personnel to prevent the spread of infection or illness. 

The gloves are pleasant to touch and helps to protect you from chemicals, dust, and dirt as well as germs and viruses. Perfect for both when personal and professional use.

  • Comfortable Fit 
  • Easy To Slip On And Off
  • Ambitex powder-free
  • Single-use. 

How to use:

You should put on your gloves in a clean area with clean hands. You should not be contaminating your gloves by placing them on a dirty surface. You should also never put on your nitrile or latex gloves if you have not just washed your hands. Any contaminates left on your hands, will transfer to and through the glove.