CSM Cushioned Stabiliser Insoles

Thin Low Profile Design – Metatarsal Dome

£7.50 inc VAT




Semi Rigid Support for Complete Foot Care

Lightweight and Ergonomically Design

Eliminate foot pain and experience the highest level of luxury and comfort with these lightweight insoles from Country Sales’ Medic Brand. Thanks to the semi-rigid support shell and cushioning metatarsal pad, the engineered orthotic insoles deliver excellent stabilising support and allow your feet to retain or regain the correct positions in your shoe. The result? Less pain, more comfort and healthier feet.

This is a must-have product if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, painful arches, shin splints, or problems resulting from overpronation. The cushioned heel pads help to relieve pressure and impact on the heel while the active carbon filters allow maximum breathability and odour control. Designed with both longitudinal and latitudinal support for the arch, these versatile shoe inserts work with your entire foot to offer you enhanced support and stability.

This product has been designed to the highest standards and offers exceptional results at an affordable price. With a thin design and no heel cupping, these insoles are perfect for low profile shoes including football boots, moccasins, women's flats and even some heeled shoes. 

The finishing touch? They're manufactured from prime quality vegetable tanned calf leather, are anti-bacterial and water absorbent and make your feel like they're enveloped in luxury. Bliss.

  • Relieves symptoms of plantar fasciitis, flat feet, painful arches, shin splints, overpronation or ankle pain
  • Superior cushioning and stabilising support
  • Anti-bacterial and water-absorbent
  • Shock-absorbing heel pad relieves pressure and impact
  • Active carbon filter delivers maximum breathability
  • Breathable perforations around the edge to reduce perspiration and blistering