CCS Foot Cream Tube

Highly Effective Moisturising – Lanolin Free

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CCS Foot Care Cream - Tube
Softening action for Hard & Dry Skin
Effectively maintains good conditioning of your feet

Available in 60ml and 175ml Tubes

Since 1981, CCS Sweden has been developing professionally inspired formulas that work with your body’s natural defences to help maintain healthy looking feet.
The professionally inspired formulation works with your body’s natural defences to condition skin. CCS Foot Care Cream is extremely effective in the control of dry and rough skin. It softens hard, dry skin helping to keep it soft, supple and helps prevent further problems developing.


CCS Foot Care cream is extremely effective for both the short term hydration and long term control of dry skin, callus and cracked heels. It can also be used for treatment of dry skin and cracked heels.

Ideal for sensitive skin, CCS foot care cream is free from lanolin, paraben preservatives and any added fragrances. The creams are hypoallergenic, and as such are recommended for use by diabetics.

Containing 10% urea, the moisturiser found naturally in the body, it softens hard, dry skin helping to keep it soft and supple, and helps prevent further problems developing.


-Used by podiatrists around the world
- Lanolin Free & Dermatologically tested
- Recommended for diabetics
- Effective in short and long term hydration

See the difference in 5 days – 78% of consumers noticed improvement in foot smoothness and texture.


More About CCS

Developed in Sweden, CCS footcare offers a professionally inspired range of foot care formulas. Each product by CCS works in harmony with your body’s natural defences to help condition and correct skin. CCS heel balm and CCS foot cream are just two of CCS’s effective products. Offering a natural and gentle application, CCS products can be used to help moisturise the feet while treating common foot health complaints such as dry skin, callus and cracked heels.

Clinically proven and dermatologically tested, CCS foot care is so effective that it their products are widely used by many chiropodists and podiatrists. Recommended by pharmacists, CCS use natural formulas that gently treat common foot complaints. Their pro

Directions for Use


1) Remove the lid from the tub and place the round leveller plate, (top side up) gently but firmly on the surface of the cream so as to ensure a uniform contact.

2) Fill the pump by running the tube through the hole in the plate until the lid can be screwed to the top of the tube.

3) Depress the pump a few times until cream starts to be delivered through the nozzle. The tub/dispenser is now ready for use.

4) Eventually, when the level of cream in the tub falls to about 1-1.5cm, the pump with cease to draw.

    At this point remove the pump and leveller plate and rinse them in warm water. Transfer the cream remaining in the spent tub to a new refill and fit the pump and plate per instructions above.


External use only. Avoid any contact with your eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. If any irritation occurs please discontinue use and seek advice from a healthcare professional.




Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, glycerine, Urea, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Myrtrimonium Bromide, Benzalkonium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Eucalyptus Globaulus, Limonene.