BSN Eco Canvas Open Toe Cast Shoe

Absorb Shock & Protect Vulnerable Casts

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BSN Medical Eco Canvas Cast Sandal Shoe

Open Toe Cast Shoe to enable walking with casts or heavily bandaged feet

Highly Durable
Latex Free
Maximum Shock absorbency
Sold in Singles - Universal Fit for Left & Right Foot

Tri-Level Ribbed Rocker Sole
  • Provides shock Absorption and assists smooth normal walking gait
High-level of Durability
  • Constructed with heavy canvas upper
Precise Fit
  • Three hook and loop closures ensure a precise fit
  • Universal fitting for left or right foot
Maximum Shock Absorption
  • Tri-level ribbed rocker sole provides shock absorption and assists smooth normal walking gait.

This product is also suitable for use with patients with venous or lymphatic leg bandageing.


Tip: Measure the length of the cast, rather than the shoe size for a suitable fit.