Actimove Talocast Ankle Brace

Reliable Lightweight Support Brace

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BSN Medical Actimove® TaloCast Functional Ankle Brace

Rigid shell brace to stabilise the ankle joint

Exceptional comfort interior foam padding

Anatomically designed for Left / Right Foot - One Size Fits All


Actimove TaloCast is a functional ankle brace that provides reliable support to the ankle joint for the treatment of painful conditions associated with chronic or acute disorders. The strong shells provide secure stabilisation, while their anatomical shape and foam cushioning contribute to a comfortable fit without pressure points. It is easy to apply and adjust by its practical strap closure system. The soft inner terry cloth liner, additional comfort pads and the slim, lightweight product design offer high individual comfort.

Actimove TaloCast ankle stirrup brace prevents inversion and eversion of the foot, providing increased protection for injured ligaments and the joint capsule. Plantar and dorsi-flexion are not restricted, allowing the patient to have as normal a gait pattern as possible.


Can be used for...(Indications )

  • Acute capsular ligament injuries
  • Ankle strains
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Oedema at the ankle
  • Post cast support
  • Severe and moderate acute lateral and medial ankle sprains
  • Post-operative ankle injuries
  • Malleolar fractures in the rehabilitative phase

Strong lightweight plastic shells

  • Gives effective stable support

Medial and lateral anatomically shaped shells and large malleolar indent

  • Reduces risk of pressure points giving improved comfort

Foam interior padding

  • Soft with good breathability compared to plastic and gel pockets (which make the splint more comfortable)
  • Washable for good hygiene.

Exterior heel width adjustment

  • Allows easy adjustment to give a perfect fit.

VelcroTM straps with D-ring

  • Ensures the splint fits snugly and gives effective support

Application Guide


We recommend having your Actimove TaloCast fitted for the first time by a healthcare practitioner or Trained specialist to ensure optimum fit and therapeutic support. Ideally it should be worn over a sock. Apply the brace while seated. Bend the Knee until the foot is flat on the floor and forms a 90° angle to the shinbone.

Actimove TaloCast comes with two additional comfort pads which may be slipped over the straps for cushioning at the front or back of the leg.



1) Open the heel pad straps on the outside of the brace and pre-adjust the width of the heel pad
2) Place the heel pad under your heel and align the brace with your ankle. Ensure that the shell with the actimove logo and marked with “OUT” is on the outside (lateral) of your ankle
3) Secure the lower hook strap first. Readjust the width of the heel pad if necessary
4) Secure the upper hook strap wrapping it in the opposite direction of the lower strap. Always wear in a sports shoe or other lace-up shoe to reach the required stabilisation


Additional Information


Do not use Actimove TaloCast in the case of instable fractures

Cleaning and care

The Actimove TaloCast plastic shells should be cleaned with a damp cloth. The straps and foam liner are hand washable at 30°C/86°F using a mild detergent. Close the hook fastener of the straps before washing. Please do not bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or iron your ankle brace and allow it to try completely at room temperature before wearing it again.


Please follow your physician’s treatment recommendations. If you notice discomfort, numbness, changes in skin colour or swelling during wear, stop using it and contact your physician. Open wounds or infected areas should be treated with suitable dressings before applying the brace. This product creates pressure on the calf which may cause stagnation of blood in patients with poor blood circulation such as diabetics.



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