Keeping Front Line NHS Workers Working In Comfort


It’s been a much tougher few months than any of us could have imagined back in March, and as life begins to return to the new normal, we wanted to reflect on the last few months and share some of what we have been up to at Footcare UK. Early on in the Coronavirus crisis, we decided that we wanted to do something to help staff working on the front line. We knew they were facing scary and unprecedented times, with long hours, stressful situations, and on top of that, there were all the supermarket dramas too! Each week we joined in the clap for carers, but we knew there was more we could do to help and show our thanks and gratitude to the front-line workers.

As anybody knows, working in a hospital is a high-pressure job. One where you are on your feet, all day and every day. Add to that a worldwide pandemic, uncomfortable PPE and even longer hours, we could only begin to think of the physical toll that would take on staff and their feet. Here at Footcare UK we sell a variety of foot care products and we knew our product range would be ideally suited to their needs and help make their days on the Covid wards much more comfortable.


At Footcare UK, we are lucky to work with and supply to customers, a number of well-known foot care brands. We got in touch with our partnered brands of Simply Feet, Algeos and Tulis and Saicara to help put together a selection of footcare goody bags, so we could help to take the pressure off the feet and make their days ahead more comfortable. Also contributing were Flexitol providing moisturising hand balm and 2Toms offering 500 sachets of Sports Shield which is traditionally used as an anti-chafing cream for runners but now used to prevent discomfort and friction from tightly worn face masks. 



Together, we were able put together more than 40 goody bags bundles including product worth over £5,000 to more than 25 city hospitals, donation centres and care homes around England, Scotland and Wales including Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chester, Coventry, Croydon, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton, Stockport, Sunderland and York. 


At such a difficult time for key workers across the UK, it was great to be able to do a little something to put smiles on their faces and show them how much we applaud and appreciate what they do. We received many pictures back from various teams who were so grateful for the supplies we sent across, their smiles can be seen in some of the pictures that we received. The goody bags went to many different teams within the hospitals, from therapy teams who deal with the respiratory rehabilitation of patients to COVID-19 positive wards. We were so grateful to receive many thank you notes and some pictures at such a busy time from the hospitals here are just a few from teams at Northampton and Cardiff.     


Looking back over the past few months, it’s amazing to see all the hard work of not only the NHS but also each and every person who adhered to the rules and helped slow the spread of the virus. Supply chains who worked tirelessly to meet the increased demand for all the weird and wonderful popular products including toilet roll! And, even companies like ourselves who kept going to ensure that people who couldn’t access the foot care services they perhaps usually relied on, were able to help alleviate symptoms and treat themselves at home. Once again, we want to thank the NHS and key workers for all their hard work during these unprecedented times and thank you to My Footcare Supplies, Simply Feet, 2Toms, Tuli’s, Algeos, Saicara and Flexitol UK for their generous donations to help make this possible.

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