Vionic Active Full Length Orthotics

Offers Support & Control to Reduce Overpronation

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Vionic Active Orthotic Insoles

Maximum Support for Walking & Running



Developed by Philip J Vasyli - an internationally renowned podiatrist and inventor of class leading biomechanical orthotics and orthotic footwear.

3/4 length design with patented lateral cutaway that takes up less room - making it ideal for all types of regular mens and womens (low heeled) footwear.

Podiatrist designed FMT Orthotic Technology to provide support and control which helps reduce over-pronation.


  • 4 Degree Rear Foot Correction
  • Advanced Technology and Premium Quality Materials
  • Dual Density EVA
  • 3/4 length design with patented lateral cutaway that takes up less room
  • Shock dot in the heel for added shock absorption.
  • Contoured around the heel and arch areas to achieve 100% foot contact.






Effective natural relief for many of the common aches and pains associated with poor lower limb alignment such as heel pain (including Plantar Fasciitis), knee pain, lower back pain and tired aching legs.


Heel Pain 

Heel Pain

As the foot pronates, the arch collapses and its ligaments stretch and elongate. Vionic orthotics help to realign the foot, reducing forces on the ligaments that cause this pain.

Knee Pain

  Knee Pain

When the foot rolls over, the lower leg internally rotates, putting forced on the knee cap and weakening the muscle structures, causing knee pain. Vionic Orthotics help to reduce rotation of the leg and this every cause of knee pain.

back pain

Back Pain

As the feet roll over and internally rotate, the pelvis is forced forward increasing lower back pain curvature and causing tightness and stiffness in those muscles. Vionic orthotics help align body posture, thereby easing lower back pain.

Heel Pain 

Aching Legs

When the feet roll over and the legs rotate internally, the leg muscles become stressed, leading to tired aching legs. Vionic orthotics decrease rotation of the leg and traction of the calf muscles.