Tuli’s HammerRX Toe Straightener

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Tuli’s® HammerRX Toe Straightener

For Immediate Relief and Correction of Hammer Toe

Designed by a world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon, the Tuli’s® HammerRX toe straightener works to correct and relieve minor cases of hammertoe, claw toes or mallet toes. With a sleek and ultra-comfortable design, you barely notice you're wearing it for most of the day.

Unlike other hammer toe supports, which work by providing support and lifting the toe, the Tuli’s HammerRX corrective support works by pulling the toe extensors down to keep the toes straight. This presents a more comfortable solution for hammertoe pain, offering greater flexibility and less bulkiness than a traditional toe prop. The HammerRX is an effective treatment for HammerToe, Claw Toe and Mallet Toe, and can also be used for post-surgery therapy. This product works uniquely to correct toe curling by gently pulling the toe down rather than’propping the toe up’, ensuring longer-lasting relief from discomfort.  

The Tuli’s HammerRx is a soft, thin & flexible sleeve which also includes a toe strap that strategically loops around the toe for comfortable support. The stretchy material gives just the right amount of tension needed for a comfortable straightening of the bent toes. 

Adjustable and Versatile Toe Strap

Tuli’s HammerRX can by used on any toe and its unique design allows you to adjust the level of toe support on the toe strap. The strap loops around your toe to encourage proper toe alignment. The soft-touch closures keep the strap and toe in place, preventing it from any movement as you walk.

Sof-Flex™ Comfort Material

The highly breathable, soft and flexible properties of Sof-Flex make the straightener very thin and flexible in design which provides a natural feel with every step. The comfort of this material allows for the most effective hammer toe relief.

One Size Fits Most - Wear With Shoes, Socks or Barefoot

The Tuli’s HammerRX can be worn with most shoe styles, sandals, and even barefoot due to its soft material and natural low-profile design. 

Top Tip: To prevent any rolling up when putting on socks, simply stretch your socks out a little and carefully lift them over the strap. 

How to Use

How to Use 

Step 1 - Wrap around the arch of the foot and loop around the affected toe to gently pull down.

Step 2 - Securely Fasten with the hook & loop closure to secure in place

Top Tip: To prevent any rolling up when putting on socks, simply stretch your socks out a little and carefully lift them over the strap.