Tulis Gaitors 3/4

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Tulis® Gaitors 3/4 Length Arch Supports

Shock Absorbers For Your Feet®

Superior Shock Absorption, Arch Support & Comfort
Without Overcrowding your Shoe

Tulis Gaitors combine light-weight shock absorption with superior arch support in an ultra-thin carbon fiber orthotic that delivers long-lasting relief and comfort. 

Suitable for: Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, back pain, knee pain, fallen arches. Constructed with both Poron for incredible support and comfort and a patented technologically-advanced moisture-wicking fabric, Gaitors give you maximum protection against odours and protect skin from moisture-driven blisters.

The unrivalled Tuli s Gaitors ¾ Arch Support delivers superior shock absorption, arch support and comfort without overcrowding your shoe.

Zoned Comfort & High Performance Relief

A)   Waffle Heel Cushion
B)   Heel Spur Relief

C)   Carbon Fiber Arch Support
D)   Padded Propulsion Zone
E)   Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Ultimate Protection & Comfort

The exclusive waffles effectively duplicate nature to cushion and support heels for immediate relief while the unique design extends to the heel spur zone to guard against stress and further inflammation. With technologically advanced moisture wicking fabric.

Light-Weight, High Performance Support

The ultra thin carbon fire arch provides support without overcrowding. The 3/4 length insoles provides protection from heel to the ball-of-foot propulsion zones with soft cushioned top-side helps to minimise fatigue. Delivers a high-rebound energy return for maximum comfort and performance.




Size Guide

 Size Guide
Size UK EU
Small 2.5  – 4
35 – 37
Medium 4.5 – 6.5
38 – 40
Large 7.5 – 9.5
41 – 43.5
X Large 10.5 – 13.5 44 – 47



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