Tuli’s Diamondbacks Gel Heel

Mimics Natures Own Shock Absorbing System

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Tuli's® DiamondBacks - One Pair Shock Absorbers For Your Feet®

Gel Heel with Arch Supports
Make Your Shoes Feel as Good as They Look

Gel heel with arch support. Tuli's Diamond Backs incorporate Tuli's successfully patented waffle design which most effectively duplicates natures own shock absorbiwomen'stem in your feet. The combination of materials allows Diamond Backs to provide a lightweight, yet highly effective shock absorber.

The unique design of the Diamondbacks unites a cushioned waffle gel with effective arch support to create the perfect balance of support and comfort. The padded and flexible arch support works with your body to support the arch of the foot. They provide heel comfort with mild to moderate arch support in a slim-line thin and lightweight design that will fit into most shoes including men's and womens dress shoes. In addition, the top coat fabric has anti-microbial properties to help keep feet stay fresh, dry and prevents odour.

Instantly Relieves:

Painful Heel Conditions including Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs

Sore, Tired, Burning Aching Feet

Shin Splints

Painful Legs, Ankles & Knees

Painful neck and backaches

Arthritic Joints

Size Guide

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35 - 38
Medium7 - 8
39 - 42
Large7 - 1041 - 44.5