Tempa Dot Single Use Disposable Thermometer – 20 Total

Clinical Quality – Easy to Use – Pack of 4

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Tempa Dot Single Use Disposable Thermometer
Pack of  20 Thermometers

Tempa-dot thermometers are single-use, disposable, clinical thermometers that can measure oral or body temperature. These thermometers are sterile and individually wrapped, to prevent cross-contamination.

They are simple, accurate and take a temperature in 60 seconds and can be used for both children and adults.

How do they work?

This uses a dot sensor matrix consisting of temperature-sensitive indicating dots. Each dot changes colour from tan to blue at a specific temperature relative to the melting point of the specific chemical mixture in the dot. Each dot changes colour at a temperature of 0.2°F or of 0.1°C higher than the preceding dot. 

  • Disposable
  • Superior-quality 
  • Skin-safe material
  • Self-contained oral thermometer

Body temperature is read from a numerical temperature scale.
Note that Tempa(dot) DOT B thermometers are sensitive to environmental temperature.



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