Superfeet Women’s Bermuda Sandals – UK 9

Absorb Impact While Protecting Your feet

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 Superfeet® Outside Sandals - Women's

If you take your fun to the extreme, Superfeet’s new OUTSIDE sandals will match your energy step-for-step. Post-race or post-hike, fireside or poolside, get thecomfort and support your feet crave that ordinary sandals can’t provide. Sidewalk to trailhead, Superfeet OUTSIDE sandals help absorb impact, while supporting and protecting the foot, so comfort goes with you every step of the way. 

•    Designed with women-specific heel and arch-length dimensions
•    Quick-dry strapping combines synthetic leather for structure and neoprene for comfort
•    High-impact top layer for long-lasting cushion & comfort
•    Resilient foam midlayer maintains the Superfeet shape & helps channel impact away from your foot
•    Poolside or riverside, the non-marking outsole with slip-resistant traction helps you stay surefooted on wet surfaces
•    The structured heel cup positions the soft tissue to help with natural shock absorption
•    Contoured foam provides the shape that supports the foot and arch. It’s this distinct shape that separates Superfeet OUTSIDE sandals from any other
•    Superfeet’s durable construction keeps its shape, delivering reliable support for up to 12 months or 500 miles – whichever comes first
•    Backed by Superfeet’s 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
•    Vegan. No latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde or preservatives.


Traces back to the start as the Sports Medicine Division of the Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in 1977. ADD/APT encompasses the biomechanical science, technology, function and craftsmanship that adapt the generic 2-dimensional surface inside your footwear to your 3-dimensional foot.