Spenco RX 3/4 Arch Cushion Insoles

With Raised Arch Dome for Tired, Aching Arches

£16.99 inc VAT



Spenco RX Arch Cushions – ¾ Length

Clinically Designed to relieve tired arches and to provide correct arch placement whilst improving body allignment.

  • Built-in flexible arch cushion raise gives comfort and support for tired and aching arches.
  • Flat cushioned layer helps to absorb shock and impact for maximum comfort.
  • Extra toe room for shoes with a tighter fitting.
  • Four-way stretch fabric with antimicrobial topcloth layer helps to prevent blisters and control odour.
  • Suitable for all shoe types, including hiking boots, shoes and sports trainers.
  • Unconditionally guaranteed for one year.

Thickness : 0.5cm insole with 2cm arch raise.

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

Trim with scissors if needed.

Machine wash, air dry.



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