Spenco Ironman Race Replacement Insoles

Lightweight Semi-Flexible Arch Support & Stability


Spenco Ironman® RACE Replacement Insoles Light Weight Semi Flexible Arch Support and Stability for Race Day

The ultimate replacement insole for running—lightweight, technical orthotic arch support specifically designed for racing.


Incorporates Spenco® TOTAL SUPPORT® Technology and the patent-pending 3-POD™ Modulation System. This unique combination of cushioning and stability is ideally suited to the demands of Training. Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with your shoes, Ironman® RACE Replacement Insoles use better materials and technologies that cushion, stabilise and support right out of the box. The also promote a more efficient, healthier stride.

Recommended for increased shock absorption. Advanced support for the arch and heel. Improved motion control to reduce over-pronation and supination – the leading cause of many common injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

The ultimate replacement insole for running—lightweight, technical orthotic arch support specifically designed for racing.         


3-POD™ Modulation System: Multi-density pods piston through the flexible cradle to modulate ground forces. Stiffer black pod counters overpronation, softer red pods guide the stride
TOTAL SUPPORT® Footbed is the optimum interface between your foot and the ground The Shape That Feels Great®
Ultra-light, Semi-flexible Arch Support
FACET™ Cradle and Orthotic Arch Support
Deep Heel Cup offers greater stability for overpronators
First Ray Drop Zone for more efficient toe-off and a healthy stride
Metatarsal Dome relieves pressure on forefoot
Technical Low-friction Topcloth with foot-cooling technology. Reduces friction that can cause blisters
Segmented Forefoot Crash Pad absorbs impact
Silpure Antimicrobial helps reduce odour
One-year unconditional guarantee




Directions for Use


Remove the original insole from the shoe (some brands of shoes glue the insole to the shoe, but careful removal will not damage the shoe). If needed, use the original insole as a guide to trace and trim the Ironman® RACE Replacement Insoles. Insert the insoles into the shoe.


Hand wash in warm water. Air dry.



EVA, Nylon, PU (Polyurethane), Fabric w/ Silpure Antimicrobial,  
Thickness at Heel: 6.0mm (0.24 inches)
Thickness at Forefoot: 3.8mm (0.15 inches)



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