Spenco Ironman Pro Running Quarter Socks

Hi-Tech Endurance Running Socks


Spenco Ironman Pro Running Quarter Socks 07475

Highly technical running sock for endurance running in all conditions

Length: Quarter

Weight: Medium


  • Preventing blisters
  • Heel, toe and sole area cushioned
  • Elastic supports
  • Flat toe seam
  • Left and Right ergonomic design.


Adding Lycra allows to socks to acquire superior staying power and ultimate stretch. This assures superior wear, comfort, excellent size stability and uniform appearance. Socks with Lycra retain their size and shape after repeated wear and laundering.


Revolutionary nanoglide is patented, proprietary technology which incorporates particles PTFE which are permanently bonded to the fibre in production. These particles are a homogenous feature of the fibre. Nanoglide provides you with reduced friction comfort, minimising abrasive skin irritations caused by traditional fibres. Evaporative cooling speaks to how nanoglide rapidly moves perspiration over an enormous surface area. Nanoglide combines multiple benefits and features into one technology, providing both comfort and technology providing both comfort and protection in a wide variety of challenges. Nanoglide comfort never washes out, wears away or fades.

Coolmax fabrics transport perspiration away from the body to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate quickly, at the same time, the uniquely shaped fibres provide great breathability, even when wet. When your body produces excessive amounts of sweat, it means it’s using energy to keep cool. This is energy you could be using to perform. If the sweat doesn’t evaporate quickly, your body core temperature heats up, producing more sweat. Coolmax makes sweat a non-issue.

Size Guide

Size Guide
 Size  Small  Medium  Large
 EU  35 - 38  39 - 42  43 - 46
 UK  2.5 - 5  5.5 - 8  8.5 - 12



54% Polyester
44% Nylon
2% Elastane



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