Sanisafe 4 Disinfectant Wipes (100) – 1 & 3 Packs

Anti-Bacterial / Anti Viral Wet Wipes

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Sanisafe 4 Disinfectant Wipes - 100 Sheets

Anti-Bacterial / Anti Viral Wet Wipes
Effective against bacteria, viruses, (including coronavirus) and fungi.

Sanisafe 4 wipes offer a quick and convenient alternative to hand washing in the form of a heavy-duty wet wipe that offers fast effective disinfection of hands as well as hard surfaces. Dubbed the coronavirus hand wipes, Sanisafe 4 Wipes have proven kill rates for micro-organisms against a variety of major viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Now available in a larger sheet size ( 200 x 270mm ), these Heavy Duty wet wipe for single-use on hands and surfaces eliminates cross-contamination with its easy open and close packaging design.

Sanisafe surface wipes are impregnated with a synergistic blend of bactericides, surfactants, and alcohol. They provide an ideal way of sanitizing where the use of a liquid is impractical. Ideal for disinfection of all hard surfaces for everyday use and within medical, healthcare, industrial, retail domestic, office & food environments.

  • Antibacterial and antiviral wipes
  • Effective bacteria, viruses, (including coronavirus) and fungi.
  • Open and Close pouch design avoids cross-contamination
  • Large Size Wipes measure 200 x 270 mm

Effective against many types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi including Corona Virus, Swine Flu (H1N1), Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli, Staphloccu Aureas, C-Dif, MRSA, Candida Albicans & Aspergillus Niger.

Tested to EU Norms, including EN1276, EN1650 & EN14476



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