Saluber Multi-Sport Insoles

Engineered for an Active Lifestyle

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Saluber Multi-Sport Insoles

Engineered for an Active Lifestyle
Designed & Made in Italy

The Saluber Multi-Sports insoles are made with impact and versatility in mind. They are made to take all the beating you can give them in the gym or on the road.The ergo dynamic structure, thin and lightweight design make this the insole of choice for both performance and comfort.

The suede-feel of Alcantara®  is pleasant to touch and has increased durability with stain resistance, sweat resistance and anti-bacterial properties ( anti-odour).

The shock absorbing Poron® materials in the heel & arch area have the long-term effect of preventing micro-traumas to the feet, knees & spine. The short-term effects are the instant feeling of comfort.

Saluber insoles are designed with pressure distribution and natural arch function in mind. They are made to evenly disperse weight-bearing pressure in the foot so that no zone is overloaded. All of this increases stability and shock absorption when walking – you will feel the benefits instantly.

  • Made from Alcantara® – Suede feel, increased durability, increased moisture resistance, anti-bacterial.
  • Poron Heel Cushioning – Poron shock absorbing membrane evenly distributes pressure across the whole foot at every step.
  • Coocooning Heel Cup – Supports correct foot posture.
  • Thin & Lightweight –  Versatile to fit into almost any sports shoe. Lightweight design reduces fatigue and increases performance for strenuous exercise.

    3mm thickness.


Saluber insoles with Alcantara® are designed for increased durability, moisture resistance, stain resistance and holds antibacterial properties. Alcantara is a soft suede-like material which is pleasant to touch and feel and made to the highest standard of luxury and comfort.



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