Saicara Nail Oil

Promotes Growth, Nourishes & Protects

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Saicara Nail Oil – 15ml 

Nourishes & Conditions Fragile Nails
with Natural Herbal Benefits

Combining the benefits of nourishing natural ingredients with added protection against damage from weather and fungal infections. Saicara Nail Oil has been formulated closely with dermatological experts to offer healing nourishment for brittle, dry or fragile nails.

The nourishing properties of camelia oil, cherry oil, sunflower oil and bisabolol work together to absorb deep into the nail plate, causing cell renewal and stimulating nail growth.

While nail strengthening, conditioning and further protection from fungus, cold weather and damage with the herbal benefits of cajeput, eucalyptus oil and sage oil extracts.

Brittle, fragile, and sensitive nails finally get the care that they need. Ideal for home or professional nail care treatments for damaged and sensitive nails and cuticles.

  • Natural ingredients stimulate
  • Promotes nail growth
  • Helps prevent fungal nail infections
  • Suitable for diabetics

Diabetic Friendly
Made in Germany.
Free from artificial dyes or parabens

Extra Information

More about?Saicara

Saicara’s premium and patented formulas contain concentrated active agents, precious oils, and vitamins. The product range provides care and protection for the skin and has been developed in close consultation with skin specialists towards treating the most common skin problems that your feet might encounter.?

Application:?For best results, use regularly, at least twice a day.

Ingredients:??Isopropyl Palmitate, Helianthus Annuus Hybrid Oil, C




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