Safeguard Soft Density Orthotic Insoles

Soft Density Insoels for Sensitive Feet

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Safeguard Orthopeadic Insoles – Soft Density

Supplied with: pronation control heel postings & arch Support postings

Soft Density should be used when the foot requires additional cushioning for diabetic or sensitive skin or for shock absorbency with high impact or sports activities


Feet can be ‘At Risk’ or vulnerable to damage from excess pressures, which may cause skin to become sore, red, inflamed and ultimately ulcerated. 

This pressure is often caused by the foot pronating or rolling in onto the inside, which increases the pressure under the ball of the foot and the toes.

The ‘At Risk’ foot can suffer a number of problems including weakness of the supporting muscles of the arch and toe joints, restrictions of movement, loss of sensation and dryness of the skin.  

In order to protect the foot against this damage it is important to use insoles which support the foot,  prevent excessive pronation and provide long lasting cushioning.


can do this by helping to support the foot in the heel and arch to prevent excessive ‘rolling in . Its combination of high tech materials cushion and move pressure away from the vulnerable areas, which reduces the risk of the skin being damaged. 

The Silver impregnated top cover also helps to combat bacteria and fungi, preventing the skin infections, which can be a problem with both diabetic and vunerable feet.

Designed to meet the biomechanical demands of the ‘At Risk’ foot and provides choices in shell density and cushioning levels. Safeguard Insoles can instantly deliver excellent support and protection within wide, standard and narrow types of footwear.

Safeguard Features:

  • Length and width trim to fit guide.
  • Supplied with 1.5mm and 3mm adhesive backed EVA layers for improved shoe fitting in deep or roomy footwear such as walking boots.
  • Supplied with adhesive backed 4° extended medial post EVA heel cupping for heel stability.
  • Medial arch support.
  • Shock absorbing Retron midlayer.
  • Silver impregnated top cover helps to combat bacteria and fungi.
  • Additional protective cushioning for the heel and forefoot, providing extra cushioning for running or heavy walking activities.
  • Supplied with adhesive backed met dome for custom placement.
  • Forefoot contours designed to match the wider and deeper requirement of orthopeadic shoes and boots.

Safeguard Insoles are available in varying densities/harnesses, with the recommended choice depending on the foot type.

  1. Soft Density should be used when the foot requires additional cushioning for diabetic or sensitive skin or for shock absorbency with high impact or sports activities.
  2. Medium Density should used when control of rolling in is needed, combined with support and cushioning for everyday walking activities.
  3. Firm Density should be used when high levels of pronation correction is needed without cushioning or for those who are heavier and require a firmer support.



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