Safeguard Soft Density Insoles

For the ‘At Risk’ Foot

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Safeguard Insoles 

The Safeguard insole has been developed to increase cushioning in the vulnerable areas of the sole of the foot, and to offload pressure for prevention and treatment of corns, calluses and lesions in the ‘at risk’ foot. The three-layered, soft density construction is suited to those with sensitive feet, and is perfect for wearers with medical conditions including arthritis or diabetes. The included optional layers can provide extra cushioning or pronation correction. The safeguard insole can be trimmed down to fit almost any shoe or boot.


  • Trilaminate construction provides three layers of protection.
  • Suitable for hiking or work boots.
  • Heel cup prevents and treats supination or overpronation.
  • Includes optional additional pads for extra cushioning or reducing over-pronation.
  • Cushions and offloads pressure from painful areas of the foot.
  • Compatible with TalarMade Surface Additions.
  • Features an antimicrobial top layer, preventing bacteria growth and odour.
  • The safeguard insole can be trimmed down to fit almost any shoe or boot.


Safeguard Insoles are compatible with TalarMade Surface Additions. Using Microgrip technology, Surface Additions attach securely and immediately to the top microfiber layer of your insole. Easy to remove and reapply, they provide additional and customisable padding for specific forefoot and heel problems including plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.




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