Qualicare Microporous Tape

Easy To Tear Medical Tape

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Qualicare Microporous Tape

No first aid kit is complete without the versatile Qualicare Microporous Tape. 

Designed to dress minor wounds, secure medical taping and minimise post-surgical scarring, this multi purpose tape is an essential item to have at hand.

By securing the skin, microporous tape prevents stenting and pulling, which can lead to unnecessary, long term scarring. The Qualicare Microporous Tape is a non woven tape that allows the skin to breathe while protecting the injured area from the formation of thick scars.

  • Hand tearable with low allergy adhesive
  • Ideal for dressing minor wounds
  • Effective scar minimising design
  • Secures medical tubing

Size Options

1.25cm x 10m
1.25cm x 5m’
2.5cm x 10m
2.5cm x 5m

Additional information

This product is not intended for long term use. If symptoms persist or worsen, contact a medical professional.