Podiatry Tubular Toe Foam

25cm Length – With or Without Overlap Protection

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ToFoam Tubular Foam Dressings 25cm Tubes - Trim to Fit

Each pack contains 1 or packs of 12 or 12 (Value Saving)
Can be used on both toes and fingers.
Available in four different sizes, with or without overlap

Medical polyurethane foam on a 100% cotton stockinette core - protect digits and tender areas from friction and pressure.

Available with or without overlap according to protection required. ( Overlap provides additional comfort but uses slightly more volume )


Size Guide

 Size Name  Internal Diamater
 A  15mm
 AX (with overlap)  15mm
 B  18mm
 BX (with overlap)  18mm
 C  21mm
 CX (with overlap)  21mm
 D  25mm
 DX (with overlap)  25mm


   Sizing Tip - to select the right size,
   measure the diameter of the finger / toe which will be used with ToFoam.



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