Luga Silicone Step Easy Dual Full Length Insoles

Heel & Arch Gel Padding for All Day Use

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Luga Step Easy Insoles

Intended for people always on the go and those who spend long periods of time on their feet.

Full Length Flat Silicone Gel Dual Layer Cushioned Insoles.

Comfort and prevention are the main characteristics of the 'Step Easy' Silicone.

  • With an inbuilt dual layered gel arch and heel elevation, the insoles are capable of absorbing up to 40% of shock at heel strike.
  • Featured forefoot grip lines for secure fit when running
  • Ideal for running, hiking on hard terrain or high impact activities, or simply for those who spend a long time on their feet.
  • Suitable for dress, casual and sports shoes or trainers



Additional Information


It is advised to slightly sprinkle the top side of the insole with baby powder to minimize friction with your foot. Do not use baby powder on the bottom side of the heel cushion as it would lessen its gripping effect on the shoe. Sold in pairs. Unisex design – can be used in either men’s or women’s shoes.



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