Luga Silicone Ladies Thin Pad Inserts

Slimfit 3/4 Length Gel Insoles

£12.99 inc VAT



3/4 Thin Pad Silicone Gel Inserts

Ladies palliative (pain relieving) insoles
with built in metatarsal dome that braces the met heads in natural alignment

  • Helps to prevent the accumulation of keratotic tissue due to unchecked pressure.
  • Cushioning silicone gives prolonged relief to the foot ligaments and muscles due to excessive pressure.
  • Effective solution to tired feet as a result of narrow, high heeled, constricting footwear.
  • Suitable for both women’s flats or high heels.

Additional informtion


It is advised to slightly sprinkle the top side of the insole with baby powder to minimize friction with your foot. Do not use baby powder on the bottom side of the heel cushion as it would lessen its gripping effect on the shoe. Sold in pairs. Unisex design can be used in either men s or women s shoes.



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