Luga Silicone 3/4 Soft Impact Insoles

Micro Massaging Heel & Forefoot Action


Luga Silicone 3/4 Soft Impact Insoles

Thin 3/4 length silicone gel insert with soft impact areas for heel and forefoot


This novel and unique insole design affords instant relief to tired feet with its constant micro-massage effect upon heavy loaded areas, namely heel and metatarsal heads.

The special anti-shock zones helps to:

  1. Relieve painful forefoot conditions.
  2. Prevents keratotic tissue formation.
  3. Eases up the workload on muscles and ligaments.

Suitable for dress, casual and sports shoes or trainers and high heels.

Additional informtion


It is advised to slightly sprinkle the top side of the insole with baby powder to minimize friction with your foot. Do not use baby powder on the bottom side of the heel cushion as it would lessen its gripping effect on the shoe. Sold in pairs. Unisex design – can be used in either men’s or women’s shoes.



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