Ironman High Arch Support Insoles

High Orthotic Arch Support with an Athletic Inspired Design

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Ironman Flexalign Support Insoles – High Arch

High orthotic arch support designed for the serious competitor 

Take part in intense sports? The Ironman Flexalign Support Insoles deliver maximum support where your feet need it the most. Insoles endorsed by the official Ironman brand have been expertly designed to meet the challenging demands of heavy-duty sports and running. From triathlons to marathons, these insoles allow you to train and compete in comfort while providing reliable support to the biomechanics of your feet in motion.

With a full length, rigid orthotic these shoe inserts have been anatomically designed for people with high arches. Constructed with lightweight and durable shock absorbing Flexalign material, these impressive insoles absorb shock impact and transfer the impact energy from your shoes to maximise your performance.

The PWR gel heel cushion delivers excellent shock absorption upon heel strike, providing improved comfort and relief to those suffering from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis and is engineered with 11% compression set to spring back to shape with each step. The heel also benefits from the 360° HEEL CUP design which offers support to the entire heel in a deep and anatomically shaped cup to prevent excessive eversion or inversion (pronation/supination) of the heel.

Around the arches of the foot, the PWR Bridge uses a series of support structures to biomechanically align the heel and stabilise the foot throughout the heel-to-toe gait cycle. The forefoot traction pads ensure that the insole keeps in place with each stride and the inbuilt flexible metatarsal dome provides that extra support and comfort for the ball of the foot.

The combination of these features works to deliver the ultimate orthotic for sports. If you're preparing for a long-distance event, recovering from an injury or you simply want enhanced stability with everyday wear, these insoles are not to be missed.

  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • Rigid Anatomically Designed Neutral Arch Support Shell
  • Large PWR Gel Heel cushion absorbs impact shock
  • 360° HEEL CUP supports and cushions the entire heel
  • Plantar Bridge technology supports & stabilises the foot from the heel to toe
  • Inbuilt metatarsal raise for superior ball of the foot comfort
  • Forefoot cushioning and traction pads ensure the insoles stay in place with each stride

Insole Care

Caring for your Insoles

The IRONMAN Flexalign Support Insoles are designed more closely to your shoe size. They can also be easily trimmed for a perfect fit. Simply cut around an outline of your existing insoles for a flawless finish.

If this is your first pair of Revitalign Ironman Insoles, please allow 2 -3 days for break-in.

Recommended to replace insole every 12 months or 600 miles.

Hand Wash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse well and always air dry. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY. 



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