Impact Gel Insoles

Shock Absorbing Gel Construction

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Impact Gel Insoles 

A simple yet effective full length insole featuring built in arch support. With a shock absorbing, friction reducing gel layer, this insole is recommended for treatment of heel pain, arch pain, fat pad atrophy (thinning of the foot pads) and general aching under the foot.


  • Fits most shoes.
  • Ideal for everyday use.
  • Compatible with TalarMade Surface Additions.


Impact Gel Insoles are compatible with TalarMade Surface Additions. Using Microgrip technology, Surface Additions attach securely and immediately to the top microfiber layer of your insole. Easy to remove and reapply, they provide additional and customisable padding for specific forefoot and heel problems including plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.



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