Healix Care Soft Shell Insoles

Shock Absorbing Insole with Gel Heel Plug

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Healix Care BambooTecc™ – Soft Shell Insoles
Breathable Insoles with Anti Microbial Top Cover


  • Lightweight Support
  • Extra Heel Protection
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Superior Comfort
  • Soft Anti-Odour Top Cover


Lightest support shell design in the Healix range.
Extra Heel Protection with the Shock Absorbing Heel Plug



BambooTecc™ is a blend of traditional fibers with natural Nano-Bamboo particles.

The micro-cavities in the surface of the Bamboo improve wicking, trap bacteria, and regulate temperature. 

The result is an Eco-Friendly fibre that has an anti-odour (antimicrobial/anti-fungal) and high ‘wicking’ properties for superior comfort.



BambooTecc™ unique properties include:


  • Anti-odour, Anti-microbial & Anti-fungal
  • Strong wicking properties absorb and quickly move moisture away from the skin
  • Non-allergenic
  • Thermo-regulates temperature: keeps surfaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Eco-Friendly and naturally biodegradable.


Soft Shell Support:

  • Provides a combination of cushioning and moderate support for casual everyday comfort
  • Fully moulded anatomically shaped shock absorbing Veva™ material.
  • Additional thin support shell and gel heel pad provides moderate control for work and play.
  • Lightest support shell design in the Healix range.
  • Fits into most footwear, including work shoes and boots, trainers, running and athletic shoes (Unisex).

Healix Benefit Guide

Veva™ Shock Layer:



Breathable, ventilated shock absorbing layer

HealixCare has created a thin, light, shock and shear absorbing ‘inner’ layer with minimal weight and bulk. This vented design allows heat and moisture to move away from the foot over a wide area with each step.



Benefit Guide Legend: Minimum  width=     Moderate  width=     Maximum   width=  

Foot Bed Arch
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 width=Soft Shell  width=    width=   width=    width=
 width= Daily Living  width=       width=       width=  width=
 width=Controll Tecc  width=       width=       width=  width=

Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions:

If necessary, hand wash with warm water. Air dry.



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