Healix Care Silvertecc Controltec Insoles

Firm Arch Support Designed for Heavy Use


Healix Care SilverTecc – ControlTecc Insoles

Breathable Insoles with Anti-Microbial / Anti-Fungal Silver Top Cover

  • Lightweight Design
  • Extra Heel Protection
  • Firm Arch Support
  • Recommended for Heavy Use
  • Soft Anti-Odour Top Cover

Fits into most footwear and is ideal for heavy use, running and sports application.



Using next generation Nano-Silver yarn technology created by Samsung® Corporation, SilverTecc provides a superior combination of high silver ionic content and fiber delivery.  This Nano-Silver Fabric delivery system is Anti-Microbial/Anti-Fungal while enhancing the physical properties of Comfort, Soft Surface, Low Friction and Durability. Unlike other silver materials, SilverTecc is designed so that there are no fibers that can tear or damage the skin.

SilverTecc™ fabric is the next generation in silver technology. Silver has been used as broad spectrum antimicrobial substance in medicine over the centuries. Silver is an element and presents in nature. It is non toxic, non allergic and is not harmful to wildlife and the environment. Environmental friendly nano-silver is active against most pathogens, yeasts, fungi, mold and mildew and these superior antimicrobial properties provide effective and complication free treatment. The SilverTecc™ fabric embeds anti-microbial nano silver particles into the fabric.




ControlTecc Support:

  • Provides a combination of cushioning and enhanced support for everyday comfort.
  • Fully moulded anatomically shaped shock absorbing Veva™ material.
  • The ControlTecc is the firmest Arch shell with the most rear (heel support) and mid foot control (arch support) in the Healix Care range.
  • The Special Arch ‘peg’ design provides control while minimising weight and bulk.
  • Ideal for heavy use and sports applications.
  • Fits into most footwear, including work shoes and boots, trainers, running and athletic shoes (Unisex).




Healix Benefit Guide

Veva™ Shock Layer:


Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions:

If necessary, hand wash with warm water. Air dry.



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