Granuflex Hydrocolloid Semi Permeable Dressings

Skin Wound & Burns Treatment


Sterile Granuflex Dressings

Hydrocolloid Semi Permeable Dressings

Sold in Single Dressings: 10x10cm or 20x20cm Size


Granuflex is a hydrocolloid dressing consisting of an inner (wound contact) layer of hydrocolloids. (Hydrolloids have highly absorbant properties whilst being impermeable to water vapour)
The dressing is within an 
adhesive polymer fabric matrix and an outer layer of soft polyurethane foam. The adhesive layer contains micro elastic layers which enhance the dressings ability to contain wound fluid by forming a cohesive gel. The dressing also provides a moist wound environment that favours the healing proves by aiding the body's own enzymes and moisture to re-hydrate (autolytic debridement).

  • Helps to facilitate non-traumatic removal of the dressing without damageing newly formed tissue
  • May be used as a primary dressing or a secondary dressing in combination with other wound dressings.
  • Can be used for chronic wounds including pressure ulcers (stage I – IV) and leg ulcers.
  • Can also treat acute wounds such as traumatic wounds (minor abrasions, lacerations), burns (first and second degree), dermatological excisions, surgical wounds (post-operative wounds, donor sites).
  • Sterile - Single Use - Can be left undisturbed for 7 days. 

Directions for Use


Cleanse the wound site, rinse well and dry the surrounding skin. Remove the silicone release paper from the back of the dressing, minimising finger contact with the adhesive surface. Gently roll dressing over the wound, do not stretch. Mould dressing into place with hand for secure adhesion around wound margins. Secure edges of dressing and hypoallergenic tape if needed.

To remove the dressing press down on the skin with one hand and carefully lift an edge of the dressing with your other hand. Maximum recommended wear time is up to seven days. Store at room temperature, keep dry and avoid refrigeration and exposure to high humidity. This product is supplied sterile.


It is not intended for use on patients with known sensitivity to the dressing or its components. 



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