Gelx All Gel Self Adhesive Sheet

2mm Thick – Scar Therapy – Conforms to Shape

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Gelx All Gel Self Adhesive Sheet

Each pack contains one gel sheet
2 sizes available
Trim to fit - 2mm Thick Gel

Use anywhere on the body for relief from friction and spot pressure

Medical Grade anti-microbial top cover with 2mm thick soft 4-way stretch fabric

  • Self adhesive silicone surface
  • Adheres to delicate skin
  • Can be removed easily, washed and reapplied
  • Suitable for diabetic use
  • Easily cut and conforms to any body part
  • May help improve the appearance of old and new scars

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Gelx Technology takes the best of nature and infuses botanicals and vitamins right into their gel formulas to provide the healing advantage and improve the positive effects of natural healing on the overall well-being.


Size Guide

   Length  Width
 Small  76mm  63mm
 Large  152mm  102mm

About Gelx Scar Therapy

More About Gelx Scar Therapy

The unique Gelx formula helps improve the appearance of scars. The occlusive nature of Gel provides a skin-nurturing environment. In addition, health care professionalshave long prescribed Vitamin A as a supplement to improve appearance of the skin. Vitamin A is infused right into Gelx, along with Vitamins E and F (Ceramides) to smooth and soften as you treat. When applied directly to the skin, this combination can improve the skin’s elasticity and cosmetic appearance of new or old scars. 


  • Vitamin A for improved skin appearance
  • Vitamin E for natural healing
  • Vitamin F essential fatty acids
  • Soft and smoothing formula




The first picture shows and untreat scar. It has a reddish hue is hardened and unattractive. The next picture is after using the Self Adhesive Gel Sheet for ten weeks. The scar has been nourished by the natural minerald and botanicals, providing releif from redness and improving the scars appearance overall.



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